The BasicsEdit

Players can use WASD to move, space to jump, left click to fire, right click to aim or block.  When aiming, the screen shifts to "zoom" a bit further in the direction of the reticle.  Moving into a wall while in the air will have them cling to it, slowing their descent.  They may aim and shoot while on the wall, but not block.  When holding up while colliding with a wall, the player can run a bit upwards if they still have some upward velocity.  If near a ledge, holding up will allow them to climb up.


Pressing down (default S) while running allows a player to slide.  They may aim and shoot while in a slide without losing any speed, as opposed to shooting while moving.  A player is able to slide for quite a while (~4 seconds?) before stopping.


Double tapping to either side (A or D) executes a roll.  Rolling moves quickly to either side, but players are still vulnerable to damage during the move.  It can be used to throw off an opponent's aim or dodge a projectile, or to quickly follow someone who decides to run.

The relatively slow animation after a roll can be cancelled out of with a jump or melee attack.  This allows a player to move faster than normal or to chase someone down with melee weapons.  Often times after two melee slashes, someone will back off at least a bit, so a roll into a third slash is a great way to finish them.

Hailey's ability can be used after a roll to shoot off at a 45 degree angle, quickly covering lots of ground.  This can be used to escape, or to put immediate pressure on opponents.  On some maps you are able to engage the enemy team within a second.


While using a melee weapon or Kung Fu, holding right click enables a player to block damage, taking damage to a block gauge instead of health.  Once this block gauge is depleted, the player is stunned for a couple of seconds.  Certain items are able to block more damage than the others.  Exact block damage amounts forthcoming, pending testing.

Blocking fixes the player's facing to one side, and blocking must be released to switch directions.  Any attacks from the opposite side will bypass the block.  While blocking, players can double-tap to roll in either direction, although this will cancel the block until the rolling animation is complete.

Hank Stream's frag grenade (and possibly other explosive weapons) are able to damage a player through block.  Even while blocking, the frag grenade will deal 50% damage.


While holding an item, a player can hold shift to bring up a reticle, then left click to throw in that direction.