Team Elimination, a gamemode present in the game.

There are 4 gamemodes in The Showdown Effect.

List of GamemodesEdit


Simple free-for-all gamemode.  After a period of time, a countdown will appear in the top-middle of the screen indicating how many seconds until the respawns are locked.  During this Showdown time, kills are worth an extra point.  The last player alive will be the Last Man Standing and be awarded three bonus points.

Team EliminationEdit

Each time a member of your team dies, the next respawn is delayed by 5 seconds.  This is cumulative, and in some games respawn times can reach upwards of a minute.  A round is won when all of the opposing team is dead at the same time.

People with blue names are your friends, while people with red names are your enemies.  Learn the difference, as friendly fire is on.  When you are the last person on your team, "Survive!" is displayed, advising you that if you die your team will lose the round.  Likewise, if there is only one opponent, "Manhunt!" is displayed.  If there is one person on each team, "Sudden Death!" is displayed.  Take these warnings under advisement when planning to attack or retreat.

The ExpendablesEdit

One team are the Expendables.  Each time they die, the time it takes to respawn is increased by 10 seconds.  The Expendables are the only team able to earn points for kills.

The other team are Henchmen, they need to kill the expendables and they respawn quickly.  However, they are restricted to one randomly chosen weapon, cannot pick up weapons, and are relatively fragile.  To offset this, they have infinite ammo.

When the Expendables team is completely elmiminated, the round ends.  Teams alternate between playing the Expendables and the Henchmen.

One Man ArmyEdit

The One Man Army gains score from killing henchmen.  The glowing aura around the player will tell you who the One Man Army is.

When you are a henchman, try to kill the One Man Army.  Henchmen respawn infinitely.

When the One Man Army dies he will spawn as a henchman.

The next henchman in turn will become the One Man Army.